Parenting the Next Generation in today’s fast moving lifestyle of India

There is no responsibility greater than being a parent; we all want the best for our children, the best of health, education, lifestyle, and future. There is no denying the fact that our children mean the world to us, yet we find ourselves in the fast moving and ever so busy lifestyles of today, struggling to enjoy their childhood.

However, we can still make the best of the time we have by doing little things to nurture our children. Let us look at certain important tips for parenting in today’s world :

  1. Notice the Good Qualities
    Make an effort to identify and compliment the good qualities of your child. Point out the positive qualities and let them build them further. We need to pause from the rush of our lives and enjoy the wonderful qualities that our children possess.

  2. Avoid the 3 C’s : Never Criticize, Compel, or Condemn
    We should avoid these 3 C’s while interacting with our children, this may induce a tendency to rebel and make them aggressive. Unfair criticism may hamper the child’s holistic development.

  3. Communicate Positively
    Talk to your kids in a positive way, Kids will get your attention most easily when they are getting into trouble or there is a disciplinary issue, but this should not be the only time to talk to them. Talk to them in a friendly and positive way about any topic they want to discuss.

  4. Listen Attentively
    The way we listen to our children is very important, especially when we are busy. Look at your children when they talk to you and give importance to what they have to say. It will make them feel a lot closer to you.

  5. Tell them you love them
    Sounds simple, yet most of us do not practice it, we know that we love them unconditionally, but we do not communicate it. Developing the feeling of care and affection is very important. It is important for your child to know that you love him / her unconditionally.

  6. Make Time
    Life will always have a way of consuming our time, we as parents need to be sure that we take out at least 30 minutes daily for our children. The idea is to spend some time on a daily basis, doing anything you wish to do with your children.

  7. Involve children in Family and Household Activities
    Do not allow children to become isolated in some remote corner of the house. Encourage family time, talk to each other, allow your children to express themselves and their ideas. Make it a habit of giving children something to look forward to with the family.

  8. Be a Role Model
    We need to practice the traits that we want to cultivate in our children. It is important that you realize that your children learn constantly from your actions. They observe us a lot more closely than we realise.

  9. Do not argue with your spouse in front of your children
    Our children observe us continuously, and arguments affect our children and their feelings. We must treat our spouse with respect in front of our children and avoid any negative arguments in front of them. How you treat people in front of your children will affect how they behave with others.

  10. Respect our Elders
    Develop a culture of respect in your family. Do not allow your children to disrespect you or your spouse.  Be certain that your children respect elders. Try to be consistent with the rules you set so that the children are aware of the boundaries.

Prabhas Ghai


Rising Stars Junior School
Sec-10, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India


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